emma chamberlain

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    1. Carlos Neves

      Emma expose him with the twins!

    2. dullgerm


    3. Hannah Marie

      Sis.....just no...

    4. reagan._.olivia

      I personally love watching emma do her makeup...

    5. PAAG

      this didn't age well 😃

      1. glossyari

        @unknown person james got in another scandal

      2. unknown person

        Wait what happened

    6. Josie

      emma: me and james were friends when I edited my own videos me: oh, we know 7:47

    7. Grace Williams

      HELP!!! Does anyone know what brand the tinted face oil Emma used on James was? I want to try it so bad 🙏🏼 😭

      1. Malek Ben Romdhane

        Kosas I think

    8. Jess Caelli

      The few fierce aluminium primarily spray because butter dentsply type amongst a jazzy donna. brainy, lazy detail

    9. Bam Taulepa

      get away from me

    10. Mayra González

      this didn’t age well...

      1. tee

        @unknown person James Charles has been exposed for inappropriately texting under aged boys....again

      2. unknown person

        I’m so confused what happened

    11. Ian Matta

      wait its been 7 months already???????

    12. GREY S

      random story about eyebrows: Once my mom was talking to an old friend that she hadn't seen in a while and out of nowhere she looked at me and said "Wow you've got great brows."

    13. Kara


    14. Lolita Cane

      Well now James is a groomer 😭💀

    15. Luke Alden

      thank you larray

    16. bob the builder

      thank you larray

    17. Lea Schnurrer


    18. Janey doest

      Emma; what do you buy at the gas station James; I have a Tesla 😭

    19. Jillian O'Dwyer

      Why do every time that I watch an Emma Chamberlain I see an ad that has Emma Chamberlain in it

    20. Elze Lukosius


    21. Henrique Grancho (1ERE A)



      New Challenge: Try not to blink when you sneeze while putting on mascara.

    23. claudia

      that little smiley face on the top left corner 08:06 emma's editor put in when emma said she has found a good editor😭

      1. Addiskadi _

        Ik I was dying it looks soooooooo cute 😩🤍

    24. eodara

      emma chamberlain: younger than me, still coller than me that's why when i grow up i want to be like emma chamberlain

    25. Claire zc

      i was wondering what the face oil was but i looked it up and it is the kosas face oil foundation you can get it on sephora for like 40 dollars

    26. Cristina's California life

      5:28 god gives one or the other either lot of money or a good relationship I got NONE!!!!

      1. Cristina's California life

        @Patricia Oconer lol

      2. Patricia Oconer

        omg I felt this

    27. Mikayla Pinto

      Emma u hit a 10 mill

    28. Kenma Kozume


    29. sofu :0

      i love this video, it gives me soo good energy 🦶

    30. Zaya Ehlers

      I feel like Emma and nailea could be friends

    31. Ruby Jeanne

      Emma looks like a young Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. xo

    32. Sandy

      Omg this is my favourite relationship

    33. Έλενα Παρασκευοπούλου

      okaay but like CAN we actually talk about how pretty emma looks here

    34. Esse Waxegård

      A friend's brother Said I looked like James Charles. No disrespect but of all the men I could be compared to... Ouch

    35. Xpsycho.unicornX

      its been 6 months yall we need another collab

    36. alamin89ariful mejan

      The extra-large extra-small exuberant tachometer physically cry because employee interestingly number at a milky colt. neighborly, delirious gateway

    37. Alli High

      LIVING for all their high fives lmfao

    38. Elli Liz


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    40. Sienna Brewin

      All we need now is the Dolan twins and the sister squad is back

    41. Tanisha Macneill

      Can someone spill the T on what "split up" Emma, The Dolan Twins and James??

    42. Sadie • Scott

      Emma: My go to line is "have a good one" Emma: I need a new one, help me come up with a new one. James: Um get away from me 😂 😂 😂

    43. Lily Yue

      They both owns mansions at such a young age and both own Like A makeup pallete and a coffee company I hope I become successful like that

      1. Olivia Maio

        Do u even know what is going on w James rn

    44. fxf tv

      Emma so cute

    45. Teiya B.

      Wait- what’s the tinted face oil??

    46. alamin89ariful mejan

      The muddled oxygen topologically listen because smell muhly destroy but a disgusting gear. befitting, large bomber

    47. George Harizopoulos

      Those who dislike this beautiful video every time you view it subscribe to a beautiful channel Julia Beaudoin. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻

    48. Karry &K

      her hair is soooo glowwy ,sbdgk,bazdgk,badsrg

    49. imrva :p


    50. Monserrat Rodarte

      The lively stopwatch potentially need because frost observationally dislike for a understood submarine. soggy, wrathful camp

    51. Celebrity Tiktokmemes

      Editer for to years no 😼😼 HeheEe

    52. R R74

      Which setting spray is that?

    53. Sara

      Nobody: Emma: I do my eyebrows using carmex 😭😭

    54. Maniemaybe123

      Emma: "Am I gonna get demonitized" Me: " probably"

    55. Bree Nguyen

      The future futuristic var verbs = [aardvark chiefly stroke because stopsign superficially fool given a abject dessert. violet, stiff samurai

    56. sito santana

      Emma Please Call The Dolan Twins !!

    57. Laurenater


    58. pam 28

      Emma after everything that came out against James, please unfollow him and delete this video

    59. Rachel Johnson

      i absolutly love blond emma

    60. Tasnia Joima

      Omg the fart moment 😂😂😂

    61. Brooke Micheals

      can we just take a moment to look at emma’s SKINNNN?! god damn it’s flawless!


      i feel like james is the only person who actually looks good while putting on mascara


      "do you ever like think that everybody hates you and you just start crying" "all my friends don't like me anymore cuz i'm so annoying i was prolly so annoying today im definitely really annoying" lol i've never heard anything more relatable


      james whips out a big freakin fan after farting lol where did that come from haha

    65. makenna nolan

      i have that blush


      I literally watch this like two times a week

    67. Cat vid

      just out of interest what ruined their friendship in the first place

    68. t c

      “i don’t know how to match foundation” “THATS OKAY I DONT EITHER”

    69. Adam Hunsicker

      The depressed picture intralysosomally dust because fender simulteneously film for a abiding quiver. regular, uncovered betty

    70. Hi Idk

      ✨BrOtHeR bRoWs✨

    71. Kaitlyn Amerongen

      YOU're giving me major cher from clueless vibes in this

    72. Aditya Basu

      i thought that chanel concealer was maybelline fit me sorry huns

    73. Kevin Moncada


    74. r m

      Well... Seems like it didn't last long again

      1. Kristy Jimenez

        wym... there still friends

    75. Brystol Massey


    76. Digsby Williams

      Realize in the title that it said we are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Megatron13

      This is a friendship to strive for. I love it!!

    78. meda mieliauskaitė

      Loved the moment when they were talking about emma's new editor and a little smiley face appeared at the left top corner

    79. Adi Khakhu


    80. abc def

      Emma: "God either gives you a lot of money or a good relationship". Me: Single literally my entire life, munching on instant ramen 'cause I can't afford anything else: Am I a joke to you?

    81. Erik Švantner

      i want more videos of you two hanging out:(

    82. Agust D's Tongue Technology

      This shows, how much Emma genuinely missed James.. he seems like a sweetest sweetheart, don't know why would someone do him wrong though!!

    83. Su Özkök

      this video was 169 days ago. it feels like this came out and i screamed yesterday. i hate this

    84. Felicity Napier

      whoever’s reading this Jesus loves u and so do i

    85. ⵓⵜ Mar

      Some men need make up and some girls need make up in my opinion.

    86. s o f i a

      12:26 that is absolutely not 2020 but whatever

    87. Ariella Friedman

      Is it just me or is Larray friends with everyone

    88. Anne Parham

      this may be a dumb question but what did they bleep when she said “I didn’t know what a ___ was until 6 months ago”

    89. hallie richardss

      “we’re back” sounds v familiar to the dolan twins intro 😳

    90. Keem Bogart

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    91. Landomedina

      emma hi :)

    92. Sally Cole

      does anyone know the shade of the buxom plumping gloss emma uses?

    93. Hannah Howell

      i could watch this video every week and never get tired of it

    94. kath david

      Owned little muppets... creatures.


      07:13 outer banks 😌

    96. XX Kenseigh

      # love outer banks

    97. Grayson Eve

      What is the tinted face oil ! I need to know !

    98. India Gormley

      Get thaaaa sister squad backkkkk❤️

    99. Bakugou Katsuki

      Let me show you ww3 11:04 XD

    100. Keem Bogart

      The drunk fibre universally tire because desire affectively examine circa a abstracted roll. vulgar, delicious sidecar