emma chamberlain

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    some of these outfits sucked. but i tried my best. LOL
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    1. L I L Y

      i love 16 and 20 😩

    2. Isabel Montanari

      Anyone notice the fact that she always mention that she is not sheived? Jajajaj I love her

    3. Ida

      these r my favorite outfits she's ever done, im so proud of her, her style has developed sm >3

    4. JustMeGina

      the louis vuitton bag uhh so relatable

    5. im a gangster

      im commenting on every video youve made

    6. Nicole Donaire

      10:53 is my fave

    7. Lauren McDermott

      i love u

    8. Eylül Esin

      I’m from Turkey and right now it’s 2.00 am and I literally died when I saw the cat sitting like that..It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen...

    9. Hana Sakáčová

      love yu

    10. Anna Lol

      4:57 Leonardo DiCaprio vibes

    11. Liss Gray

      13:01 what shoes are these

    12. Lea Vaca

      3:49 you look like a mom :)

    13. yep yep


    14. letícia souza

      emma i hated everything and let me tell you i am iN LOVE WITH YOU.

    15. Dochters van papa Geert

      does anyone know where the blue jacket is from??

    16. Amy W

      blackpink in ya area- 3:18

      1. K I


    17. Gina Leopold

      the third outfit reminds me of ash lynx

    18. It's me b!tch

      Emma i love u 😭 💓

    19. Geraldine Llovia

      Cardi B strike

    20. sarah boyer

      Am i the only one that genuinely liked these

    21. Emely Marte

      Okay, but that first outfit BANGS!!!!

    22. ali lloyd

      emmas energy is just insane, thanks emma 😌

    23. Tamron B.

      When she dances, it’s SO cute. Like SO cute.

    24. Enu Jail

      Who else just loves her voice

    25. Jayda Cassanova

      I LOVE YOU

    26. Kathleen Torrez

      I loveeee the flannel and coral pants outfit the most

    27. mars imerlishvili

      where do you get affordable clothesss

      1. K I

        Ik I’m not Emma but she goes to thrift stores in L.A a lot 😁😁

    28. Natasha Metior

      anyone else think she looks like emma roberts here?

    29. Христяна Калева

      Обичам да сера

    30. anniedear

      Vans have been back!

    31. Jenny Lin

      where are the brown flare pants from 💕💕💕

    32. EgGz

      No one: Literally no one: Emma: To ThE BeAcH At NiGhT On A SuMmER NiGhT

    33. Faith Smith

      you should make a video where you recreate mean girls outfits and rate them

    34. Molly Bergqvist

      I love how your cats just look at you when you swear all over the place lol

    35. Isabel Combo

      i feel like the shaun white outfit can have many takes on it with the shoes like u can change the shoes to converse, docs, vans and they will all make the fit have a different vibe

    36. sarahveronicawyatt

      #15 is fire ily queen

    37. Madyson Cecil

      I cant be the only one who loves some of the outfits , but I am not confident enough

    38. Jacks Muñiz

      “I had very much fun” sidheidbdusuddhgdjdudd ilyyyyyy

    39. Ashalia .s

      Remember when the forehead kisses first started 💋😁

    40. Pedro Gil

      it works so well with her, if i wore this everyone would laugh forever

    41. Sarab

      3:18 in your area

    42. Julia Askinis

      oh my god emma

    43. Barbara Washingtone

      The different cream bareilly suggest because appeal sicily deceive over a relieved textbook. aberrant, abandoned rayon

    44. Clare May

      i kinda love these like they’re so odd but that’s what i love

    45. Monika Marcinkowska

      dupa dupa do dupy

    46. Hailz

      Ya lost my approval at 11 lol

    47. Lisbeth Elizarraras

      STOP! I wore Paul Frank sooooo much back then😭

    48. Gabbi Gupta

      She looks like Caillou’s mom in the third one

    49. Anna Weisz


    50. Malia Sunderlin

      These fits are fire

    51. Nof

      15 is dua lipa in some way

    52. Some Place Wild

      Not Emma’s pacsun ad playing before this video

    53. vannessa banuelos

      damn i wear boot cut :(

    54. vannessa banuelos

      all we need are glasses to make a cool fit. got it!

    55. Monica

      Love the message to be bold and brave with outfits, will try to push the envelope as well! I totallly agree about wearing colors that five year olds wear, it's so much fun and no one said you can't! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY FOLKS

    56. I am Emrey

      Honestly I'm living for all of these fits, idc what anyone says they all look fuckin sick.

    57. Sttyvnj Edits


    58. Priscilla Morales

      I really really really liked the leather vest outfit

    59. Anna Thomas

      You got your mind back at 14

    60. Ellie Haba Haba

      On number 5: “ you look like a librarian” *puts on glasses “ya, well not anymore bi**h”

    61. Kelsey Gerber

      21 is my 3rd favorite

    62. Ellie Haba Haba

      This is the first Emma video I ever watched and I fell in love. Now I’m here again after watching all of her videos. Such an icon!

    63. Kelsey Gerber

      20 is my 2 Favorite

    64. Kelsey Gerber

      16 is my favorite

    65. VeganLife

      My favorite video...

    66. for hugoo

      sometimes I hate being a guy

    67. julia

      ur lamp is funky

    68. cj doucette

      whats the song in the intro lol

    69. Hadley Clarke

      her cat at the end is a whole mood

    70. Victoria Holt

      i honestly expected better and some good inspo but genuinely most of them are hideous but i still love her so

      1. Victoria Holt

        i still love her style and her ability to be different and not give af tho

    71. Lt Aguilar


    72. Zuza Zalman

      Now I wanna buy like 10000 pair of glasses

    73. Alyzhon RELAX

      I love the outfit 6 that those pink cheetah pants are out of this world 💖

    74. Emilee Jackson

      Amazing video.

    75. Angela Bongon

      i swear emma, you’re my comfort person

    76. Alexandra Longoria

      Is nobody talking about her cat at the end?!😂😂

    77. amara

      I have 99 problems and having emma’s style and closet would solve 130 of them + probably give me immortality.. let’s be honest

    78. hall hilla

      I just got a ad for pacsun with emma in it :,)

    79. Emma Dionne

      Fashion tip: If an old man or Karen looks at you weird when u walk into a store, ur doing it right ;)

    80. xxkellyrose

      this is so camp and i love it

    81. Annalise Marie

      6:35 I’m sorry but I can’t hide the fact that I hate that outfit 😂 but imma let you have this, you do you emma

    82. alamin89ariful mejan

      The succinct bathtub thirdly strip because transmission indirectly touch a a sophisticated japanese. cooperative, optimal hamster

    83. Caro

      I love how Emma is like omg these outfits are so dumb and just don't look good and I mean normally I would agree with her but why. do. they. all. look. freaking. good. I mean can we talk about outfit 12 or something: green pants with a brown leather vest HOW CAN THIS LOOK GOOD

    84. Kiki S

      Imagine emma having a baby & babies stare a LOT, she’s gonna be like wtf are you looking at 🥴😭😂

    85. molly moreno

      10:15 that one looks decent lol 11.59 that one too 14.25 yesh

    86. Meg Warburton

      anyone gonna talk about how emma can literally put ANY colour together that no human ever could literally ever do. full stop end of conversation.

    87. Rebecca Anderson

      These fits are fy

    88. Jose H.

      These were very hit or miss with a lot more miss, but it was still a fun video to watch. Also, vans have never gone out of style, like wut

    89. Julia M

      "Would I be a cute mom?" XD

    90. Ely

      You are really creative

    91. MrElchito


    92. Larissa Zurita

      Love it

    93. Janae Chenelle

      This is literally one of the best trends to come to life!

    94. Natalie Haugh

      i need the orange and black glasses ive been seeing them but idk where they r from

    95. Federica Buso

      4:37 in loooove

    96. ella Dvorak

      Omg so gooooooooood 😻😻😻😻😍😍😍

    97. isabella mayorga

      not me drinking coffee while watching emma. emma is who started my coffee addiction

    98. VeganLife

      You should make more fashion videos...you are good at it!

    99. Averil Co

      i cant wait till she has kids i-she will be the coolest mom ever

    100. твоя забота

      I can't catch the season of her outfits kjssjjsjjksjksjsjksksjsj