emma chamberlain

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    sorry for being dramatic. i filmed this the day after i colored my hair brown/cut it short and i was... freaked out to say the least.
    love you LOL
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    1. Emily Whittemore

      A), you're so pretty, and B), try messy pigtail buns!

    2. isla mac


    3. Felicia Norling

      it makes me sad that you dosen´t see how pretty you are :(

    4. Lisa Lotte

      Dude you look amazing with dark hair!!! Sooo beautiful!

    5. Evani Pisco

      You look so beautiful Emma

    6. Robert Dilley

      Looking good gal. I'm a natural blonde but it changes depending on the lighting, especially sun shine. Mm coffee

    7. amina salman!!

      love the draco comparison 🥰

    8. emma caruso

      get fakelashes omg

    9. Kaitlin Daniels

      If you were ugly people wouldn’t pay you to sell their clothes.

    10. Barney Rubble

      Emma! if you wont change your hair to green purple yellow blue or one of each, black or lime green, go back to being a happy-go-lucky blonde (you know the saying blondes have more fun, unless you're too sick of having too much fun!)

      1. Barney Rubble

        just don't forget there's a saying (dumb blonde)

    11. Katrin Baumgarten

      I need to have a chat with emma's hairdressers who think it'a good idea to put dark brown on a light blonde base when Emma LOVES being blonde

    12. Caitlin Adele

      Dude ur hair looks so good, u look so good, please do not hate yourself!!! That is no culture to adopt and no way to live! Bc we all LOVE YOU for how awesome you are, so you should too. 😚💕

    13. Sarah Barrosse-Antle

      i here for health hair emma ngl

    14. rosierivers

      the moment at 4:02 is me trying to tell myself that i’ll finish all of my overdue college assignments by midnight

    15. Samantha s

      bb blondes dont always have the most fun 🤪💕

    16. Sunni D

      She should grow it long that would look so pretty

    17. Mariénavy


    18. Katie Burns

      Dark brown makes your eyes pop so well! I think you look great no matter what. Sending love ✌❤

    19. Paige Kalaher

      I absolutely love the hair tho Emma!! you ar fr gorgeous stop doubting yourself queen ):

    20. Olivia Puddle

      i think you look so much better

    21. Kaleigh Floyd

      Me with the exact same hair as Emma watching her dis her new hair and say she hates it. 😮😬

    22. Michelle Dunker

      I think you’re so beautiful 🥺💗

    23. Rida Seemeen 2C -33

      Emma you look beautiful gurl ✨🥺❤

    24. molly whiteman

      Can somebody help me decide whether or not I should go brown, I feel like a really want to but I don't wanna do it and hate it and Emma looks so good but I just don't knowww, I'm very stuck....

      1. zeezee

        I'd say go for it! But I'm not comfortable having that much power 🤡✨

    25. Lauriane Castonguay

      I love the hair what the hell

    26. peeping ukulele

      Does anyone know what mascara that was?

    27. Mickey Carrillo-Marquez

      Someone please tell me what lip gloss she ended up using 😭

    28. Olivia Lauren

      Your so pretty I love u I watch u all the time and I know people say your ugly but your not I love u I love blond Emma and brown haired Emma and just know that a lot of people love u 😘 ❤️🥺💖

    29. Monica

      WAit why was this actually very uplifting and the video that made me subscribe? (this is only the second video of yours I've watched btw)

    30. JFCH CHRMO

      Lol this video just got recommeded to me after getting the worst hair cut I had have in my life

    31. Cat 12

      Your hair is so pretty

    32. Hyun Sue Kim

      Does anyone know the brand of the San Francisco sweatshirt Emma’s wearing?

      1. Sydney Williams

        i wish i knewwww

    33. Mark Parkey

      -( so , , , asf , 9:40 , emma , love your hair too )-

    34. kiliegh darby

      i think maybe like make it look really messy and that’ll look GOOD

    35. Korina Karagianniou

      you look like timothee chalamet and bella hadid but more like timothee tf

    36. Jenna Davis

      every video I watch makes me feel like I'm on FaceTime w Emma

    37. Cat vid

      the intro is literally me if i wear my hair slightly differently to school

    38. Frog

      Keep the dark hair it looks pretty on you

    39. b b a s

      She is literally so pretty. .im jealous 🥺

    40. kathryn


    41. Marissa Juarez gutierrez

      Whatttt you look freaking gorgeous

    42. cryora

      You actually look younger without makeup.

    43. Tallulah Darling

      “I’ve seen a lot of people wearing tights”. In England we HAVE to wear tights because it’s FREEZING

    44. Tallulah Darling

      Brunette Emma >

    45. Darnelle Pasqualle

      Bro I love the fact that she climbs back into fucking bed as soon as she does her first reveal 😂😂😂🤩🤩

    46. The Othentic

      Dark hair is pretty on you but at this point, if you want to be blond get a damn wig lol. If only to give your hair a break to grow out. Or get a sew-in.

    47. Anneliese Chaina

      Your new hair was the best move wow

    48. Lily Ahlswede


    49. american idiot

      Idk if it’s just me but she keeps bashing on brunettes like it’s the ugliest hair color ever 😭 LIKE NO.... it’s BEAUTIFUL >:(

    50. Maddie Millspaugh

      thanks emma for the forehead kiss, closest thing to maternal affection ill feel

    51. Jamie H

      Where did u get ur hoop eARRINGS

    52. Amira Dobbs

      I love this look and emma even more

    53. Nadia Z

      She’s literally gorgeous- dark hair looks so much better and healthier on her

    54. Louise

      The loose lyocell microcephaly doubt because archer uniformly manage sans a homely paste. equable, foregoing condition

    55. Ragene Simone

      Emma you are beautiful love!!! With the blonde hair, without it and everything in between. You’re gorgeous believe it!

    56. Nathalie Gail

      HOLY CRAP IT LOOKS SO HOT- you went from a 10/10 to a 100/10 😭😭🥰

    57. Lauren D’Amico

      I love the new hair

    58. Rafa Manhães

      i actually prefer the dark hair

    59. L I L A H Oop_ Loop

      I like both hair colors. 💗👌🏻

    60. Laura Halliday

      I love her hair! I um have the worst headache and the drum breaks are killing me 😅 yeah

    61. Alana Winiarski

      Getting full Monica Geller vibes lol

    62. Shivangi Rani

      Emmmmaaa, you are gorgeous

    63. Madison Day Henry


    64. Anusha Sonpal

      i honestly think u look so cute whst prtty af why dont u like

    65. Hannah Christenson!

      I like the dark hair on you better to be honest! But still pretty both ways !!

    66. Julia Henriksson

      try extensions in a vid!! would be fuuuuun

    67. xJorjaaa

      you look better brunette personally

    68. Lauren Kilpatrick

      My thoughts: Emma looks way better w dark hair Emma needs MORE eyeliner Emma’s new haircut is so stunning Emma should throw the green tights in the trash and put on brown tights also I don’t rly like that green turtleneck and Emma should draw fake freckles and do more blush

    69. Alissa Hinz

      Absolutely LOVE the brunette!!!!

    70. Jackalyn Rose

      I love you NO MATTER WHAT HAIR COLOR YOU GET BUT I DID LOVEEE THE 👱‍♀️ HAIR! Especially in the PacSun commercial 🙌♥️🤩🤩🤩🥰 but you rock any & all hair colors babe ! You’re a model no matter what & an AMAZINGLY HUGE INSPIRATION FOR US WOMEN WHO FEEL EH ABOUT OURSELVES ! I appreciate all that you do🙌😍🙏🏼😩♥️ I wish I was you & had the amount of idgaf that you do to live life babes❤️ I wish we could meet cuz ik we’d be BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLL!👑👑👑🙏🏼😘🤩🥰😍🙌❤️💯💯❤️🙀

    71. Zoe Wilson

      The dark hair was a move, also I maybe bias because I don’t like blond hair lol 😂

    72. Katie Ross

      This look gives me Monica Geller vibes.. it’s dope. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    73. malak tahiri

      its really pretty

    74. BJ to YOU

      New subscriber, I don't know blonde long hair Emma so I am super curious about that lol

    75. Kaylee

      your beautiful. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    76. Erica Play’s

      Yeah darker hair on her is just all that and then some it’s perfect for her skin tone her eyes everything I absolutely love it Emma keep it forever

    77. anais


    78. Fumina Hata

      the cut and the color combo are sooo good - favorite emma look to date :)

    79. Milly no seu habitat natural

      ok but I actually prefer this hair.

    80. brianna warner

      It looks so much better ur hair looked dead when it was blonde.

    81. Deribn

      I like it.

    82. feouvv vvv


    83. Phoebe Beebee

      why does Emma think she looks bad she is literally from a different planet

    84. malfoy, draco malfoy

      oh hey she mentioned me😏


      You look amazing! I LOVE Your dark hair and with that makeup it looks fire 🔥

    86. Messy Walk

      After everything, you still look in the mirror and don’t see your glory?! I’m confused.

    87. Bita Nassery


    88. Elaine

      pov: im dating blonde emma -- blonde emma turns into brunette emma -- im dating brunette emma end of story.

    89. Naomi Lopez

      chucky who? hair is so cute

    90. Whoa Nellie

      why is ring worm so common in California 🤨

    91. bella eberly

      13:11: monica from friends.

    92. Nicole Ross

      i love the brown hair it makes your eyes pop

    93. love.hayls

      Emma lookin gorgeous before AND after PERIOD.

    94. Sierra Derencin

      At the end when she was editing she looked like Clairo

    95. A. Hamdani

      5:33 with your charming personality you can shave your head and I wouldn't care. 🙂

    96. Barsha Maharana

      i looooooooooooooooooooooove this look honestly you look lil bit like billie eilish but.....you are our lovely emma love you so much be safe take care coffeekery queen

    97. Phenomenal Pharen

      These green tights are killing me 🤣🤣

    98. Smixly_Kai

      she went from draco malfoy to pansy parkinson

    99. Emily Short

      The darker hair brings out her eyes and pretty skin tone, I love it. The grungy shaggy chic cut is amazing

    100. Haley Evers

      The brown hair looks rlly good. Also you upgraded from draco malfoy to Neville longbottom