emma chamberlain

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    1. Shaikha M

      what's up with liv's back? is she okay?

    2. R B

      Maybe it needs more garlic 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. Stacie Lynn

      My mental health will improve once I’m away from my toxic family.

    4. Stacie Lynn

      Title: everyday is the same My emotions: nahh we switch it up sometimes

    5. Saanval Bajaj

      Can anyone tell me why she has 10M subs?

    6. im a gangster

      im commenting on every video youve made

    7. Meryem Aydin

      İ could never take a shower and not wash my hair too

    8. Scilla Poo

      That routine seems like ur own little hell

    9. Shadowstyles

      *had to eat the whole plate to say that theres something wrong with it*

    10. Jennifer Gilmore

      You are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!!

    11. Johnny Herrera

      Seek HIM. Seek TRUTH

    12. Kenlie Carter

      you and olivia rodrigo should be friends

    13. queen_xx

      emma with pigtail braids is a whole vibe

    14. Anshika!

      Emma is one of the few humans that can pull off blonde and brown hair

    15. Sandy

      Add paprika and olive oil and ALSO oregano 😎

    16. aditya diti

      olive oil is missing honey (:

    17. Masha

      I just found out you’re a Gemini which is why I feel like u always need to be mentally stimulated lolll

    18. Petra Baroud

      i think that a part of emma belongs to the middle east especially lebanon she eats zatar hummus and tihinny wooww love you emma

    19. Ells G

      Noooo emmma it’s ALWAYS happens with home made hummus !! It’s not Shocking but it feels like it’s missing something

    20. carizzimo

      It needs more garlic! Also the Trader Joe's brand onion salt is FIRE and saves everything. Add that.

    21. Lara Fogarty

      Why do you always let the water run and then talk for 10 minutes? Such a waste

    22. Ibad Rizwan

      I think Emma is exceptional in her own way... This vlog is fab... Like she just taught how to be sassy and love our own flaws 🤙🤙🤙🤙😍no matter what

    23. averi s

      this is emma's way of being like other youtubers and doing a "Day in my life" except she titled it "everyday is the same" i love it. ty

    24. Antonio Stephon

      The hummus need baking soda to be creamy

    25. smn

      Girl you look awesome, so shot up

    26. FlowerKomal

      Your hair looks cute!

    27. Zainab Siddiqui

      22:37 okay tbh the first outfit was the best

    28. wan arissa

      levi ackerman

    29. Your Average Alex

      very much brittany spears hair circa 1998

    30. Zainab Siddiqui

      1:14 is that declan?? now hes literally all orange omg what happened

      1. Jade grace

        She got another cat lol

    31. Agnes Mo

      I don't understand,but lt's very interesting....

    32. Ashton Mize

      That might be too much *adds more*

    33. BeingVittoria

      Why did u wash the chickpeas just to add the water back

    34. wätęr bøttłę

      her videos keep me alive tbh

    35. CABALLISTA Barcelona

      I'm from the middle east and yeah you did it wrong lol.

    36. Hana Kováčiková

      I hate the comments like ‘Edit:wow thanks for the likes’ and i dont even know why

    37. Irmak Deniz Sevik

      what is the brand of this espresso machine im gonna buy a new one it seems okey but i cant find the name of the machine

    38. Kevin Burke

      This vid is one of my favs of hers

    39. emma g

      i love u.

    40. Lily Smith

      i make hummus a lot and i don’t normally put the chickpea juice or tahini. try it without those and if u don’t like it then measure the amt of tahini and blend.

    41. Julia Millstein

      this is me when my mental health is shitty but im trying my best to be productive and honestly im living for it emma this rlly cheered me up today c:

    42. Alexis Joiner

      I just watch all your videos for the forehead kiss at the end

      1. Alexis Joiner

        And the funny shit

    43. frostyrxses

      No boogers 😂

    44. Lori

      Why does her drumming sound like the austin & ally theme song 🤣🔥

    45. Mohammad Al-Ishaq


    46. this is a macdonald’s luv

      why is no one talking about olivias back like what

    47. Joanna Koutsounaki

      hummus doesnt really need tahini also tahini tests like shit im sorry but JYFHHBDV also emma u look sooo pretty im binging watcing emma

    48. Jayda Cassanova

      I LOVE YOU

    49. MVRSHA ꨄ

      Ur literally heather omgg 😲

    50. Dylan Burke

      one eye brow darker than other get it queen

    51. danaysha

      happy 10 mil

    52. Bea Wright

      you use more tahini and not the chickpea water but a little bit of tap water. add chillies !

    53. Daniella

      her friend looks like Beck from You

    54. arsa_sapphire

      Emma i need the link you your drum set. NOW!

    55. Jaycee Hay

      i think i’ve watched this video like 90 times i don’t know why i love it so much

    56. Guadalupe Guzman

      i always use 10 more lemons for hummus and its a life changer

    57. alamin89ariful mejan

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    59. Saim Chaudhry

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    60. cansu şahin

      you must add much more salt then that , also at the beginning you've must boil the chickpea , also Olivia is like a white swan

    61. Luca Genovese

      Imagine not having a million subs 🤣

    62. Aaron Patino

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    63. Momo UraeeVlg

      you probably needed more garlic LOL

    64. katrina Ord

      I noticed while watching this that emma is about to get 10Million subs!!!!! So proud been here since 100k subs ❤️ Road to diamond play button ❤️😘

    65. Stephanie Frost

      Emma, you can use Edge Booster gel or some blonde Bobby pins to keep those back pieces down! Hope that helps ☺️

    66. Manuela

      she looks so cute

    67. yana

      can u get bad habit at target? that would be nice

    68. Good Pipi

      The back wtf is that

    69. Gracie Manske

      what workout does she use? like i need to know bc i gotta get that beach body bby.

    70. Έλενα Παρασκευοπούλου

      what does olivia have on her back?

    71. Michael Tang

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    72. Evelia Lugo

      My mom has the same blender but I broke it .😐

    73. Gio

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    74. Madison Didham

      The proud ronald morphometrically bomb because flood additionly arrest afore a super galley. resolute, evasive partridge

    75. Butt3rfly.A.J

      Add pickle juice

    76. Atasha Abbasi

      When I’m bored so is just Emma

    77. Igneous Rock

      That’s why I do drugs. Mmmk

    78. Noah Ibrahim

      -Never make hummus from a canned chickpeas, it's awful. You can make it by yourself, just boil it with baking soda. -boil or roast the garlic if you don't wanna garlic breathe, it works great. -use a good amount of lemon juice, and cumin. -Use a good kind of Tahiti.

    79. Amelia Kirkov

      What is on her back?

    80. Arupkumar Mitra

      Her turning on the shower 5 mins before getting in it while dealing with her hair gives me Massive Anxiety 😺

    81. Sylvie Walker

      That might be to much Emma adds more

    82. Astrology Weather Channel

      Limbo! Bim bam bimbo... bambi! :)

    83. Jasmine Gilbert

      Emma what coffee machine do you use? I want to invest

    84. Zosia

      Emma: I don’t go to Trader Joe’s frequently, Emma every other video: so today I need to go to Trader Joe’s,

    85. Madison B

      i love this video

    86. Sloan Lynn

      It needs acid..

    87. Sxphus

      2:57 replay button Bahah

    88. Ikeria Scott

      Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.❤️

    89. Sergio Wolf

      You can put a Can of Chipotle Chiles. It would make Hummus great

    90. Shay M

      Does anyone know what brand her espresso maker is? I’m obsessed.

    91. Mimiko Chan

      The whole garlic is a bulb and the little ones are cloves

    92. Victoria Holt

      why do I feel like in every video she is either about to start her period or on her period

    93. Madison Mosey

      you should make a youtube video wear u review a bunch of trader joes nuts to find the official best nut and i love you and your videos:)

    94. Sarah Cate Freeman

      when Emma planned to go to the mail box got me laughing so harddddddd

    95. Eric O

      Little less tahini and maybe another1 1/2 cloves of garlic. Too much will overpower everything else. I imagine your hummus must have came out tasting nothing more than a roasted nut paste concoction. Finding a good balance of lemon and cumin is key. Removing the skin from the chickpeas before blending it will yield in a smother hummus. Lastly if you find your hummus too thick add a teaspoon or two of cold water during the blending process until you reach your desired consistency. The Trader Joe's will work fine, l have used it in the past. But you try and use a high quality olive oil l prefer one with a fruitier note. Good luck. Remember cooking is trial and error never give up!

    96. Abby Whitby

      The serious competition univariately dream because bagel ironically nest versus a talented himalayan. swift, perfect paint

    97. Chasity Love

      Swear sometimes she looks like emma roberts.

    98. Steph Coleman


    99. Emppu

      emma omg WHERE is your white top from, love it

    100. Kurapika Supremacy

      i feel like 2021 is just an endless loop of doing nothing everyday i need something to do