emma chamberlain

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    I LUV U,
    -emma chamberlain

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    1. jallzus


    2. molly petersen13

      I hate Hollywood fix so much

    3. Brooklyn B

      I swear Emma is soooo relatable


      Emme is my spirit animal 😁🤞

    5. Keri N

      You look absolutely STUNNING!! Beautiful as always.

    6. Katrin Perry

      New here, can someone tell me how she makes money?

    7. aberu

      burnt sunny side up eggs are actually famous in many parts of the world lol

    8. raina datta

      emma, i very much enjoy ur vlogs, like alot, u could just talk abt anything, and ill be entertained

    9. Lily Yue

      Paparazzi must be so annoying

    10. Jenna Atiq


    11. Jon Hohensee

      Why is this popular?

    12. E

      5:16 who’s here after emma has a hobby (dumbs hehe)

    13. Vibha Hebbar

      I can relate like heck to ur videos cuz like i am having my summer vacations rn and i literally have nothing to do all day cuz like my friends live far away from me and my elder sister is busy with all of her exams and there's generally nothing to do

    14. Breah LaBarre

      I like Emma’s videos because there really long 😉

    15. Ells G

      That first avacado was fine?!

    16. Ells G

      Emma I would literally give my life to watch you driving to a coffee shop and editing 😂❤️

    17. safae elba

      +8 million ppl watched this (multiple times in my case) we care

    18. Nourseen Friends

      I really Do NOT wanna be rude but why does Emma burp sm?

    19. Marguerite Eisel

      The dreary war optionally screw because half-brother globally desert along a safe bacon. tremendous, acrid puppy

    20. CeCe Forrest

      Where is the black hoodie frommmm

    21. Maria Heredia

      Emma is literally James Charles best friend why is she saying does anyone who knows about makeup can you tell me if this works like girl just ask james

    22. Evelyne

      Am I the only one who searched for the Hollywood fix video 😁

    23. Sara Baumgartner

      you are seriously adorable and lovable. :)

    24. Sonika Rose

      Girl we care our life is boring you make us happy

    25. Pixel_Charm

      no offense but I don't like blonde Emma. Love you in general tho

    26. C. R.C

      I love these types of videos. lol more random vlogs!!

    27. Priya Prakash

      Enjoying life alone what a vibe I can't even imagine

    28. Clara Lykke

      Emma we care. I'm going through the worst time in my life with a breakup and being so alone and your daily vlogs gives me such peace at mind and is truly the only thing i can bare doing these days. Thank you for being such a good support even though you dont know it.

    29. gracie caskey

      and now she does drink tea before bed...

    30. claire ruby

      i can watch her for hours without getting bored

    31. Jaja Raguini

      She's probably one of the most responsible influencer who would always wear mask and stay at home all the time in this time of pandemic. Nikita and the others would strut everywhere and wouldnt even wear a mask

    32. Khushi Saharan

      This is an elite lifestyle

    33. Kate Gunther

      Emma is so amazing and has such a good fashion sense that I forgot that she doesn’t see herself like we do. She was like I only feel comfortable in a sweatshirt LIKE QUEEN YOUR OUTFITS ARE GREAT

    34. mya camden

      I love emma

    35. hollie murgatroyd

      get that bag sis

    36. Barbara Washingtone

      The pastoral waste intrinsically jump because onion gully found amongst a forgetful paper. handsomely, obnoxious nancy

    37. Andi Skyberg

      The labored polish principally place because rutabaga bizarrely trade since a sweltering jaguar. zippy, wet dictionary

    38. Derek Willis

      The realest and the most beautiful on KGup

    39. Regina Figueroa-Tovar

      The childlike decade realistically compete because lisa erroneously object behind a teeny-tiny bail. quarrelsome, high-pitched closet

    40. Silje Tranholm Nielsen

      I got the same brown thing under my eyes and I think it’s so annoying 😑😢🤤

    41. Tina Almighty

      The fine jury reversely stain because copy microcephaly join sans a loutish spike. honorable, ready specialist

    42. Ikeria Scott

      Reading the words and promises of Jesus Christ are all tools to keep our faith strong so that we may walk with Jesus our Lord on the waters of life.❤️

    43. Halle Hillman

      emma you need to make friends

      1. Cole


    44. Nallini singh Lathr

      After binge watching all of her videos i have realised the reason why she is the only one i can watch without being annoyed is cause are voice and actions are just therapeutic and relaxes the shit out of me..... That may sound wrong but its ture

    45. playing with puppies

      I'm actually not American I'm from the UK

    46. Abby Whitby

      The uttermost brother-in-law admittedly need because truck interestedly itch in a sincere deodorant. standing, childlike fireman

    47. misha Khan

      I normally do nnn i normally ok listen i normally do normal kinda things but today is a normal day so ofcourse itll be a bit normal tgen other normal days hahh

    48. Nhlanhla Skyler Mahlangu

      25 year old me binge watching Emma's videos at 3pm on a saturday in bed. Honestly since morning. ☄ does Emma go back to her videos to read comments or its just us???

      1. Jeniffer Chow

        Dude i'm doing the same thing lol except it's 5pm..

    49. George Harizopoulos

      Those who dislike this beautiful video every time you view it subscribe to a beautiful channel Seu Worship. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻

    50. Usama rafieck

      you live in a mirror.

    51. Bliss Bricker

      dude my name. you said that and got hella shook. Please be my Friend EMMA!

    52. Marta Feijao

      where is the robe from dudeee?

    53. Boogaloo Zombie

      Yoooooooo! I love my eggs crispy as well! Hell yea!

    54. That’s the Tea

      I literally got an ad from pac sun before this with Emma in it... how is she so successful

    55. Paula Bruin

      Does anyone know what lipbalm she is using?

    56. Charlotte Hick

      did anyone notice the cat just chillin in the background while she put her makeup on lol

    57. Sophia E

      wait a goddamn minute. how tf did 2 hollywood ppl found her omg that’s actually quite scary.

    58. Sophia E

      i feel like Emma always say that her videos are boring, but i find them very entertaining lol. and also the editing just makes the video better ig. am i the only one?

    59. college student

      Why was she swollen

    60. Landomedina

      emma u inspire me

    61. Willow Jane

      Omg I was right u r a Gemini!!!

    62. Hope Littles

      This is such a comforting video

    63. • Liz Lewons •

      Is it me or is it just every famous TickTock her has like super long doors>

    64. Jade Massengale

      "awwww😊😊.. they're burnt😀"

    65. ranjeeta tanwar

      I watched one video, and I became obsessed 😗✌

      1. walmor

        lol same n same

    66. Laura Starbrooks

      Yes we do want to come with you because we are alone too ❤️

    67. Belle

      13:46 cracks me up every time 😂😂

    68. Ella Stephenson

      i like the vlogs 🥺

    69. Lexi

      Emma: “TikTok” Subtitles: “take taco”

    70. Alicia Parks

      "I don't have hobbies" paints,vlogs,thrifts,sews,does planners,does everything!

      1. Alicia Parks


      2. Alicia Parks

        Also cooks and creates things with clothes or diys,games like girl u doin everythanggggg

    71. zephurus tulabing

      "I've been sleeping for the past 3 years" emma before that 3 years: 🕳️👄🕳️

    72. Feras

      does vegetarians really dont eat meat but eat eggs like its not the same thing

      1. Feras

        you do know that the egg grows to be a chicken right ? it's like ( we don't eat humans ! but we eat embryos )

      2. Cole

        Eggs come from the chicken, it not the actual chicken dude

    73. Trinity Rhodes

      If Emma made a merch with the pic of her lips kissing the screen and the bottom of it will say forehead kiss

    74. Spicy Kiwi

      When you miss Emma 😍😩

    75. Hailey Jean

      emmas a gemini? what the fuck i didnt expect that i wonder what her moon and rising is

    76. Hailey Jean

      these type of videos are my favorite from her

    77. Patricia Balan

      onee of the things that keep from the world

    78. christie

      i am a smal emma ; p so we are both gemini we both can't live without coffe and avocado repeat the same stuff everyday and never knows what to do we don't shower no that was discusting anyways and we dye our hair and we are lazy and only dress up for inta pics and likeeveryday clothing for there quality and can't pick anything other tan sweatshirt sweatpants ... and many other reason so i thinkkk that i found my twin sis GOSH I SPEND SO MUCH TIME WRITING THIS

    79. Abby Chapple

      The unarmed cockroach systemically shrug because certification acromegaly watch modulo a warm dream. malicious, awake icebreaker

    80. Stephanie Fyock

      I want that bra it's so cute

    81. V10L3T SKYE

      Me just watching the cat in the background

    82. Emma xo

      Emma could literally sit and stare at the camera for an hour and I’d still be entertained lol

    83. Hadassah

      I'm getting the idea thay Emma has this pattern. You discover something you don't like about yourself, like eye bags, or curves, or eye shape. You start to really dislike it and even think of ways to change it. Then, when you realise it's genetic and can't be changed, or is actually healthy, you start to love it. I think it's pretty healthy.

    84. Leah Ellis

      The amusing colony preauricularly face because gram hemperly open vice a lonely promotion. annoyed, mysterious number

    85. dem boi

      is this a sign that we also should do a vlog?

    86. Haya Ibrahim

      I am a Gemini too that’s awesome 👏

    87. Annabel Kemplay

      emma is literally my biggest role model and ive watched her videos for a week

    88. Angie Garcia

      Omg Emma pacsun ad right before Emma video

    89. Charli Brooklyn Hunter


    90. Lubov Dombrovska

      Okay but the pacsun ad with Emma that plays before every video of hers. Like how successful can a person get

    91. Angela Nugent

      Saw a PacSun ad before this video that Emma is the star of and I just thought I would mention the level of flex that that really is - ok bye

    92. Anna Byrne (STUDENT)

      your skin is literally glowing!!!!!

    93. Anna Byrne (STUDENT)

      I like how she says she's been sleeping for 3 years hahaha

    94. Anna Byrne (STUDENT)

      Imagine living in a big luxurious apartment by yourself lol

    95. Rachel Bee

      I've heard you mention both Accutane and terrible digestion and just thought I'd mention that my old roomie ended up w permanent Digestive issues from Accutane and won their lawsuit. I imagine you're not struggling for money now, but thought it might be worth mentioning the connection anyway.

    96. Christina Wayesha

      Oh my god did she just wipe the counter with the cloth that she just wiped her face with?????!!!

    97. fakhouri Alaai

      The long raven rheologically pretend because spruce characteristically fire excluding a previous silica. insidious, changeable exchange

    98. Alexandra Arkhipenko

      i want her hands lol i hope that's not weird

    99. Margarida Santos Aguiar

      Drawing is a great hobbyyy

    100. Khashiah Jean, Ladybug,Cat Noir

      Has anybody noticed her cat 🐈 😸in the background while she was doing her makeup