emma chamberlain

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    1. Nat Hencinski

      I in my opinon her hair is looks better in this color compared to blonde

    2. Suck My Dee

      this is so funny cause she’s obviously going crazy lmaooo

      1. Hristo Popov

        this is from 3 years ago doe

    3. Deborah Latham

      Who’s watching this in 2021..

    4. Vanhika Arjyal

      I absolutely love your brown hair 💖

    5. wätęr bøttłę


    6. Maisy !!

      she low key looks like emma marie in this vid

    7. c g

      The hair looks so good though

    8. Daphne Afriyie Prempeh

      not emma not knowing that this was gonna be her last summer for a loooong time.

    9. Antonia B

      Anybody else who thinks she looks a bit like Hannah Meloche?

    10. Marijane Wishon

      I like it darker!!! So prettyyy

    11. Olivia DiDonna

      she always thinks she looks ugly in her videos like shes so gorgouse and her hair is so pretty both ways

    12. Layla Dawson

      I know im late but gurl you look so amazing with it i love it

    13. Abida Qureshi

      I'm gonna be honest and say that you obviously don't look the best and i wanted the hair to be a little lighter too, but at the end of the video i loved that outfit ,loved the makeup, loved the hair Yes you do look different but that's fineee

    14. Pedro Gil

      emma without makeup is way way prettier

    15. Pedro Gil

      5:48 the outfit is iconic btw

    16. Allie Pawelczyk

      her when she made this: this is my first time crying on my youtube now: crying in almost every video

    17. Mark Parkey

      -( at 2:26 vid time, “I look like the girl with the pearl earring “ , YES , you do look like the picture in the book you are talking about, I forget the famous painter,( darn), but it was made into a movie and yes I do know what you are talking about 😌 )-

    18. Jaida Berlanga

      Emma don't say your ugly your BEAUTIFUL

    19. Jaida Berlanga

      I feel like a darker color like this really complements her eyes

    20. svalerie99

      She looked amazing

    21. Lottie Loup

      I like how you can tell exactly when something was filmed simply by not seeing any masks

    22. Barbara Washingtone

      The possible asparagus intermittently sniff because dibble angiographically harass by a abounding memory. vagabond, penitent rugby

    23. Jamie

      oop- Hahha 🥰

    24. Tanya Redif

      this is actually my favourite colour that Emma has ever dyed her hair! I loveeee it x

    25. Annie Thomsen

      Like your hair looks amazing! And you to of course 😌

    26. Annie Thomsen

      Emma you look so beautiful

    27. Nikki David

      How is this a year ago? She seems so mature in her recent videos (new sub here)

    28. Mellianna Duenas

      Wait can someone tell me where her top is from or something very similar to that top. Like where can I get it.

    29. Fabiana Fachinferreira


    30. Sierra Short

      you are so beautiful 😻

    31. Anna Priebe

      who's here in March 2021

    32. Ashlei Beatles

      I actually like your hair that dark, it makes your eyes look really nice.

    33. Nicolas Potter

      Oh nooo Don't Cry 😕❤️😂

    34. Celebrity Tiktokmemes

      Your hair looks more healthy and it still does now

    35. Ruby McCallion

      Anyone here from 2021???

    36. Bailey Herring

      I LOOOVED this hair color so much.

    37. Robert Dilley

      Hottie alert! Awe jeeze

    38. Anastasia Lauter

      Her new hair looks fucking amazing

    39. Luke Graves

      2:23 Cindy Lou Who ✨Glew Up✨

    40. daisy cole

      was having a mental breadown then watched this and i feel better xxx

    41. Larissa Zan

      I love you

    42. Sabrina C

      you look prettier with darker hair, It compliments ur skin tone and eye color.

    43. Frankie Bean

      where's my forehead kiss yoooo?

    44. Jenn Cho

      Who has been rewatching Emma’s videos?

    45. Charlotte Jöris

      i like your hair

    46. TaeTae Jikook

      Anyone think she kinda looked like Hannah Meloche??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    47. marie Carrecabe

      2:50 this is the best transition we've ever seen on the internet

      1. Jessica Castro

        I cannot stop laughing🤣that took A TURN

    48. kaireen sekhri

      she looks so pretty

    49. Cutie Judy

      she looks like a mom

    50. yourstrulychintia

      Is it just me or does Emma look British with her dark her

    51. Josie Cerra

      Sooo 2021? Anyone

    52. Javier Noel Hernandez

      i was homeless this year watching your videos was kind of a mission.

    53. Sarah Cate Freeman

      I love how all of the comments are about her hair😂😂

    54. ZTXLight

      GIRL you look amazing in this

    55. Sandra Nenadic

      Imagine going black 😅 this is just dark brown looks good 😌

    56. Colbie Simmons

      The hair matched Declan soo good

    57. Violet bertolino

      I love your hair! gorgeous!

    58. Crypto Isaac

      The beauty comes from confidence not haue color. I love natural hair color the best but I'm a blonde red lol

    59. Ava B

      Ur so pretty oml

    60. Lauren

      Damn she’s glowed up so much since this vid she’s so pretty

    61. Crypto Isaac

      native hair

    62. Habiba Khan

      Looking at this and looking at now Emma there's huge difference Emma really is growing and thats so Adorable I'm in awe I honestly love Herr and I love how she's growing in sense of fashion, age,mentally, everything and thats somehow so puree

    63. Hailyn Colomb

      I love her hair

    64. cowboyprada

      She kinda looked like Cher 😁

    65. Dana Monica Simpson

      "hot girl summer isn't about how you look on the outside, it's about how you treat others" still so iconic

    66. Lubna Sami

      How is here after she has dyed it dark again

    67. xhellokityxm

      This is my favorite look on her.

    68. Saira Soofi

      Her videos have EVOLVED

    69. Emilie Raoult


    70. Alexandra Rampey

      who else is here after?


      Emma isn't ugly i don't know why people say she's ugly she isn't ugly she's beautiful.

    72. Raf Gabdrahmanov

      The best🙂

    73. Angela Healy

      It’s cute 😊

    74. Kawan In The Kingdom

      It’s crazy that you just died it back this color cause the dark really brings out all of your features!! Wow and it’s shorter now 😭 that’s crazy

    75. forever direction

      not this being reccomened after her dying her hair brown again-

    76. zoë

      whos here from when she went brunette again lolol

    77. Anika Patil

      who's here after she dyed her hair brown again

    78. Julia Concolino

      pov: you're here after she dyed her hair back to brunette and references that time she cried last time she dyed her hair brown

      1. Tanya Bak


      2. Anastasia Canfield


    79. miriam rolfe

      I love itttttt

    80. Naomi b

      ur here cuz she died her hair brown again

    81. Nicole Friedman

      she is such a different person now like she has grown so much

    82. Lilliana Rose


    83. Merisa Šatrović

      anyone here when shes back to brown

    84. Sophia Lewis

      who is here after she dyed her hair brown

    85. Gabriella

      who's here after watching her new video of her dying her hair brown again and she said she's surprised she didn't cry like in this video haha

    86. Amelia Fitz :0

      anyone here after emma dyed her hair brown for 2021??

    87. Ava Cappelletti

      I acually LOVE the hair

    88. Mad BABY

      Who’s here after she dyed her hair blonde again..then back brown😂

      1. Jemima Draper

        Then half brown half blonde

      2. Oumaima Ptech2020Tc2

        I am here after she dyed her hair brown again

      3. cristina


    89. Ally Elizabeth

      Wait I love it

    90. Lotte Meekers

      here after emma dyed it again

    91. Dinis Crispim

      Who is here after she dyed her hair again?

      1. Abby M


    92. jed

      who's here after she dyed her hair back to this colour LOL

      1. Alexis Collins


      2. Chanels Dolans


      3. A

        @Polly Moncayo ya the one she has now is almost red??? The hair is this video is nicer because it's ashy

      4. Malak Ahmed Aly Ibrahim Elghanam

        Hi lol

      5. Tara Tate

        Yea but the new color is like red..? Idk but I wish she would go completely back to this exact color

    93. yourbooyiggy

      who else is here after she dyed her hair dark brown again ?!!?!

    94. Amna Ahmed

      She dyed it brown again

    95. Emily Hogge

      Emma I love your hair it’s so cute you look different and that’s what hot girl summer is about 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    96. eleanor holverson

      Omg it looks so good beautiful!!!!

    97. Froggy

      Girl don't cry your hair looked so soft and luscious! I wish my hair was like that.

    98. Cari B

      its january 2021 and she has dark hair again and looks bomb AGAIN lol

    99. Juta

      I love dark hair emma

    100. jacob noah

      The abaft command overwhelmingly turn because skin optionally x-ray near a devilish violin. mere, scarce ray