emma chamberlain

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    1. KkaydenceE _8o8

      Omg Emma I love you so much! I just release so much serotonin when I'm watching you!! 🥰

    2. KkaydenceE _8o8

      The Pacsun ad with Emma came in and she still had blonde hair!! 😱

    3. Eliza Swanson

      Thanks for settings a 20 minute timer on my alexa!

    4. ツqwerky

      consent queen 👸

    5. neef


    6. hollycrappozzle

      Am I the only one that thinks, that Emma has a light hickey on the left side of her neck ?????

    7. Emma Ortiz

      She’s so good at the drums now wat!!

    8. nathaly Portillo

      Your literally so fucking relatable. Never rlly watched ur videos like that. I finally watched one. Your just so fucking funny it’s impossible not to like you.

    9. little Laura hapy dance

      Vegan cheese dose melt just not easily :)

    10. Isabella

      *Me sitting in my bed with my heating pad all sorts of hair treatment oils in my hair and a trashbag over it to protect my pillows on my 342nd day of quarantine* Emma: go shower

    11. gabriella morali

      i always get distracted by her cats in the back😩

    12. kenzie beatty

      💕 bby.kim 💕

    13. priscilla mars

      sell ur drawings for charity lol i would buy one!!!!!

      1. kenzie beatty

        💕 bby.kim 💕

    14. Gabby Umrao


    15. Abby


    16. Maddelyn McCallum

      Emma: your not going to bed cause your still watching the video Me: I’ve literally been in bed all day haha I’m so lazy ☹️

    17. Cat vid

      eggs and bacon is actually british, hence english breakfast :)

    18. Nora S

      4:11 That cat he's a hero

    19. David J Kim

      The possessive birthday bailly disappear because balloon oddly reply against a exotic afghanistan. secretive, salty feast

    20. phoebe mcloughlin

      I love that her drum sticks are just a bunch of wooden rawds taped together

    21. Alyson Vance

      Emma! Can you teach us how you make the coconut curry soup you were talking about??

    22. Olivia Warren

      Everyone’s alexas setting 20 minute timers...

    23. lenalee Leelee

      Best.ending. EVER.

    24. Elena S.

      you should live in France

    25. Aimee

      !!drum tip!! Emma you probably won’t see this but when you’re drumming to stop your shins hurting keep your foot pressed down on the pedal so the stick is resting on the bass drum, then just lift up your foot right before you want to hit it. This means you won’t be constantly lifting your foot and tensing your calf muscle so you can drum for longer without it getting tired 😎 also if you want to go mega wham on the bass drum you can get a second pedal to move your left foot from the hi hat pedal to that one when you want two beats close together :)

    26. Katrin Trimarche

      I don't wanna shower EITHER ok? stawp pressurin me miss girl

    27. Emily Gonzales

      15;31 hickey?

    28. Gina Schmidt

      My alexa set a 20 minute timer from your voice

    29. Moon c;

      The fact she always acts like herself is truly inspiring, even when she says she has no motivation and such she still pushes herself to do it, i love it lol

    30. Josh Tyburski

      The burps>

    31. Tori Carpenter

      I need to know where Emma got those black pants from.

    32. EJoy Turay

      “I’m still deciding whether or not I’m in a bad mood” the woman is in fact a Gemini sun y’all

    33. Natalia Sienkiewicz

      brooo thats ZZ Top :D :D :D

    34. Yohanan Gebremariam

      Emma is one of the most honest youtubers and that’s all ima say

    35. Besaida Quintana

      Literally nobody:.... Emma:Can you not stop In ThE mIdDlE oF ThE RoAD YoUr So StUpId.

    36. Priscilla Guzman

      The demonstration of the shoes gave me very: “hi my name is trey I got a basketball game tomorrow” vibes and I’m here for it

    37. Sophia Santos

      I haven't watched KGup in years but I've binged watched her videos yesterday and I'm glad I did. I find it very comforting how she talks about her mental health, the way she doesn't want to do things sometimes and how she talks bout how she's feeling. It makes me want to better myself and do things to make my mental health better haha

    38. Rhiann Beal

      Emma is my reason why I have a shopping addiction

    39. Myrokutv

      idk if this is just me ; but I barley have mental breakdowns , once a month maybe or maybe never

    40. maura gathercole

      “ i have cauliflower that i could cook in there... i also have indigestion.” 9:52

    41. Miss Asmr Queen

      yes vegetarian gang

    42. violet hadfield

      This is how I talk to myself when I’m lonely lol 😂

    43. thecolorfulvegan

      I hate this fucking shag hair cut so I literally dread showering lately bc of it ... Mars on Gemini problems

    44. Alexis Wittke

      you made me alexa start a 20 minute timer 😂

    45. Aleena Qureshi


    46. Hillary Lopez

      THE FACT THAT MY ALEXA ACTIVATED AND PUT A 20 min timer when u said that 😹😹

    47. lulu semeraro

      Tbh the cat one was super cute

    48. pbtraveler

      You should be a comedian---so many cute funny moments in this vid! " the store is closed! Now I can't return my BAGS!!!!!!!!!" "----so now I can't make my soup!---FUUUU---!" "Alexa??"

    49. Delaney Flanaghan

      she set off my alexa for a 20 minute timer

    50. Sam Langhans

      No one Emma I’m vegan Then Emma eats eggs 🥚 Hah I love her

    51. Logan Perry

      what camera do you use ?

    52. ally toombs

      lol my mental health is in the dumps rn and when the alarm sound played i started cRying so thanks

    53. KZ LIFE


    54. Daniela Mora Romero

      Having a bad day and you just made laugh so much. Thank you 💜

    55. Emma Noltie

      its not fair that she is literally this beautiful

    56. Inês

      where are her black sunglasses from?

    57. Hadassah

      The soup shouldn't be reheated more than twice or three times. 😉❤️

    58. Crispy Noddles

      She burps cutely❤️

    59. caekiie


    60. Learn from Your Successes

      thank you so much for telling me you "watched tiktok for 8 hours but anyways im cooking so i thought id pull out the cam." i feel so much more human

    61. Emerson

      i’m concerned abt the cats on the counter 😶

    62. Kira Dahlin

      emma being a indecisive gemini is so relatable

    63. olivia septer

      when emma was eating her burrito- i kept yelling at my screen saying “EMMA- DECLAN IS LITERALLY CRAWLING IN THE SINK.”

    64. maddie t

      i actually paused and showered and did a face mask and came back thank you queen

    65. Cara Linane

      Tom says hi

    66. hime

      20:21 me when I miss an online quiz and my grade goes from A to D-

    67. Autumn Love

      the avocado stare killed me lol

    68. Sahra Hansen

      I really want to taste that soup, it looks delicious 😋

    69. amylynnbill35

      I'm confused. You eat eggs but everything else is vegan? Why not just get real cheese? Am I missing something here?

    70. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    71. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    72. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    73. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    74. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    75. suhab malik

      you should do a hole video about drums of how you got into it that kinda stuff and play it to

    76. suhab malik

      can someone see she have 16 cameras around her house like what the heck

    77. Number1fan

      I'm so old I've grown out of "am I in a bad mood" and advanced to "where does it hurt today, and what was that cracking noise"

    78. moonchild ri

      watching emma after an episode helps so much, like im actually really happy right now :D

    79. Claire le Roux

      3:53 * Cat casually drinking from kitchen sink * 16:26 * Two cats casually drinking from kitchen sink *

    80. checkered chEeSe

      u are no failure. ily emma 💗

    81. Vanessa Facey

      Sis set off my Alexa 💀💀

    82. papaya milk

      why does she look so much like timothee chalamet to me at around 18:17????? is this just me???

    83. Callum Olver

      I love her but how many times did you say running errands

    84. Kayden Stephens

      the forehead kisses make my week tbh

    85. Lion Alex05

      Play drums moreeeee its soooo cute

    86. 318 in time

      18:20 i love this

    87. lisa

      the forehead kiss make me feel better

    88. Riley Blair

      You think she ever talks to herself and forgets she’s not vlogging

      1. fernanda Cano

        Your pfp is so beautiful :

      2. Riley Blair

        @Jaze Yoo same 😂

      3. Jaze Yoo

        I mean I do and I don't even vlog

    89. Hannah Curry

      emma u are my actual mood

    90. Jadyn Govea

      you make me happy when i feel dead inside . thanks :D

    91. Polina Gaar

      ugliest vid ever

    92. jaxiscute

      lockdowns need to end for this reason!! emma is not doing well, as are a lot of others. it’s very blatant, i wish it didn’t have to be like this

    93. NoasRandomSwedishPage

      am I the only one who saw that hickey at 9:51 ???????

    94. bitzzle

      In the 1920s, Americans ate very light breakfasts, so public relations pioneer Edward Bernays persuaded doctors to promote bacon and eggs as a healthy breakfast in order to promote sales of bacon on behalf of Beech-Nut, a packaging company that had diversified into food production.

    95. Maria Pearse

      12:57 I thought she said “gOOoooOooOooOn” if you know you know 😏

    96. K Windlinx

      *me scrolling at 4 AM seeing if anybody answered her bacon question*

    97. Jordan Welniak

      Omg the story about how bacon became popularized as a breakfast food is crazy! At some point in like the mid 1900s pork became so cheap, pork industry lobbyists were scrambling to find ways to make money off of pork so they convinced major fast food chains and restaurants to start promoting it and basically it continued to spread and now it's everywhere. I read this article but there are many more online! - deadspin.com/you-like-bacon-because-they-told-you-to-1642981536

    98. Niamh O'Neill

      omfg when she said Alexa my Alexa went off and wouldn't stfu

    99. Shellsea Anahí


    100. parris horne

      You remind me so much of Timothee and you kinda look like him too